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Charlottesville, VA, 01/19/06 -- As part of a very exciting double bill tour, D.C. legends Joe Lally of Fugazi and Don Zientara of Inner Ear Studios each played an intimate solo set to an admiring crowd.

Joe Lally, bass player of mighty D.C. band Fugazi, played a politically charged, focused, solo set with solid electric bass, emphasizing powerful songs and earnest singing.  A few of the songs featured laptop sample loops, that augmented the texture nicely.  He sang protest style songs about war and guns, and songs about the meaning of words and suburban alienation.  During his set he covered a Grand Central Station

song.  His set culminated with an acappella version of Elliot Smith's "King's Crossing".  Lally's current 4 date mini tour is the first time that he is showcasing his own solo material and he is currently working on a solo record.

Don Zientara is the chief engineer and owner of Inner Ear Studios, located in Arlington, Virginia.  Don recorded some of the more important punk rock records, namely bands in the Dischord Records catalog.  Don played a lively, uptempo, acoustic set that was engaging and honest.  His songs were introspective and unabashed.  Don, an avid surfer, performed a Beach Boys song and a Kinks song as well.  It was an auspicious treat for all to see different facets of these punk rock luminaries.


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