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The latest step in the bickering between Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails is last week's announcement by the Brits that they'll be encouraging fan remixes of "Nude," the second single from "In Rainbows."

Of course, this is one instance where Trent would absolutely get our vote in the Wired contest, because he's been doing this ever since he released "With Teeth" way back in 2005. In fact, he even had a highly publicized spat with his record label over concerns related to the launch of a web site specifically dedicated to fan remixes -- which he eventually won thanks to a "You can't stop me" approach adopted right around the release of "Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D," a remix record made up of songs from "Year Zero."

Now, Radiohead is also doing their own remix site for "Nude," but there are a couple of differences. First of all, they're providing users with individualized MySpace-compatible widgets with playback and voting functionality, and offering their own ears as a prize to the highest-voted remixes. Strangest of all, however, is the means by which the multitrack stems are being delivered: you have to buy them individually from the iTunes Plus program, which means it'll cost would-be remixers a few extra bucks to get the material, and also that they're already compressed and the sound quality will take a hit as a result.

However, it's also worth noting that while access to the multitrack files was free for the singles from "With Teeth" and "Year Zero," getting them for "Ghosts I-IV" requires the purchase of the $75 special edition -- officially, at least.

Already we're bumping into these while just browsing some of the studio-centric sites -- Todor Kobakov's string quartet is one particularly cool example. Given the respective popularity of each group, there may well be an outpouring of remixes that far outpaces what Trent's efforts have prompted so far.

You're still here? Stop reading this post already, and go fire up Garageband! Or you can give us a call if you want ProTools and are feeling ambitious...

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