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Nelson Scenic Loop Studio Tour and Recording Demo Saturday June 12, 2010

Monkeyclaus opens our doors to the public in honor of the newly launched Nelson Scenic Loop. Friday through Sunday are the Grand Discovery Days commemorating the launch of the Loop. Monkeyclaus will host a tour of our studio and live recording demo from 11 -1 pm Saturday, June 12. Local Guitar Aficionado Miles Pearce will [...]

Ehecatl Tour – 2020 and Alex Schein

Check out the sounds from the buy cheapest cialis online Ehecatl Tour : The mission is simple. The vision is universal. The travel will be medicine. With the gift and talents Creator buy levitra no prescription has given us, we will embark on a journey throughout Turtle Island to highli buy viagra ght and help [...]

Jennifer Gentle, Dodos, Richmond Flowers 5: Psyche Pop Charade

The Italian psyche-pop group Jennifer Gentle, along with the Dodos, and the Richmond Flowers Five played an intimate show at Charlottesville's Tea Bazaar, on August 25th 2007. The eclectic palate of sound was most enjoyable and made for a diverse and pleasurable experience. The confluence of musical minds from Northern Italy, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, [...]

!!! and Maserati: Hi-Hat Machine Madness

!!! and Maserati blew the roof off the Satellite Ballroom, in Charlottesville Virginia on May 29th 2007. Folks came in droves and came to dance. Asses even shook to the psyche-drenched grooves of Maserati, who kicked off the show. It was refreshing to see such love offered up for an opening act, and one of [...]

Trans Am, Zombi and Psychic Paramount: Traveling Through Time and Space

“Retro” would be an appropriate word for describing Maryland three-piece Trans Am. “Post-modern” would be a more academic abstraction of their methodology. With countless young bands cherry-picking vintage sounds from ‘60s garage to classic rock to new wave, such adjectives might evoke a sour taste in the mouth and a skeptical role of the eyes. [...]

Akron/Family Tour: Then Go In All Directions

Akron Family Tour The recent Akron/Family show in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Satellite Ballroom, was a heartwarming and curious spectacle. It was a marathon set, cosmically infused, and chocked full o' “schizo-frenetic” delights. After local openers, The Great White Jenkins, delivered a sweet and contemplative set, the house music quickly changed over to vintage Michael [...]

Casa de Chihuahua: Seen Heading South, Considered Dangerous

art by nico and photo by konstantin sergeyev The Casa de Chihuahua is an upscale bed and breakfast in Chihuahua Mexico. Ironically, it's also the name of the New York City / Nelson County, Virginia “street-grass” kingpins and queen. The band plays bluegrass music soaked in a punk aesthetic, and affected by urban surroundings. “The [...]

Rhys Chatham Trio / Alan Licht & Lichens / Neptune

Brooklyn's Issue Project Room played host to a month long celebration of adventurous rock and improv, throughout January called “The Independents” festival. The space itself is incredibly unique. Two round structures, which in a previous life were oil silos, stand like sentinels in a compound, next to the Gowanus Canal. The spot is reminiscent of [...]

Arbouretum, Apothecary Hymns, and Insect Factory Live

As part of an eclectic and dynamic quadruple bill, the fair citizens of Charlottesville, Virginia were treated to a veritable marathon of musical offerings on January 18 2007 at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. The show began with Insect Factory, a drone outfit from D.C., featuring members of the psyche collective Kohoutek joined for this [...]

Pelt: Droning Out 2006

On the evening of December 28th as 2006 was drawing to a close, legendary avant-world-outfit, Pelt, graced the Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville, VA with far-out acoustic drones, ringing peace and harmony into final days of a chaotic year. Pelt, known for their revolving cast of collaborators, featured Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, Mikel Dimmick, Nathan Bowles, [...]

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