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Bosom Blues – Music from Arcania Records

The Bosom Blues Band Tales of some guys who recorded a non-LP, one 1968 night in Baltimore. It didn’t come out at the time. Four decades later (or late) it’s ready. Blues yes, but they swirl. One of comprar cialis generico de 10 mg en española their songs – Hippie Queen – was released on [...]

API/RCA – Console Renovation Pics 2

We sound tested the pre-amp modules this last weekend. Aaron made a rig to slip the cards into and wire them up via alligator clips. They sound very interesting , a tone that we do not yet have in our tools. The sound has a nice thick and defined mid buy viagra -range . The [...]

Trees On Fire Recording More Awesome Music

Yes, the infamous Trees On Fire are back at it again. It’s been a buy cialis online uk pleasure to work with them and capture their souls to Pro Tools at 88.2khz/24bit. I strongly suggest you get interested. Check out these pictures from the studio sessions. And to top it all off, Blake’s uncle and [...]

Trees On Fire: The Green Room Sessions

You have heard the CD, know at least one member in the band — or someone you know does — you like their music, have seen them play cialis coupon live, and maybe even heard they were recording… somewhere? Now you know even more: take a look at some photos from generic lasix online the [...]

Horsefang: Raw and Dirty

Serious effort goes into making Horsefang’s heavy-as-lead music. I believe they tune down to the key viagra cheap of Hell itself. These sessions are all about capturing the tones and sweat from the players and leavi buy cheap generic priligy ng it as raw as possible, so you can feel and taste the riffs. How [...]

Boredoms: Night Move

On March 30, 2008 the mighty Boredoms from Osaka, Japan returned to New York to perform at Terminal 5 in Manhattan, in the round, on a stage in the center of the space surrounded by the crowd. Their last performance in New York was their, now legendary, shamanistic freakout “77 BOA DRUM”, on July 7th [...]

Blisstrain: Euphoric Eurorail

The Blisstrain is and was a tour concept brought to life by Exile on Mainstream Records founder Andreas “Kanzler” Kohl. The Blisstrain Tour, took place from March 9 to March 16 2008, and featured five Exile on Mainstream bands. A Whisper In The Noise (USA), End of Level Boss (UK), Beehoover (GER), We Insist! (FR), [...]

Jennifer Gentle, Dodos, Richmond Flowers 5: Psyche Pop Charade

The Italian psyche-pop group Jennifer Gentle, along with the Dodos, and the Richmond Flowers Five played an intimate show at Charlottesville's Tea Bazaar, on August 25th 2007. The eclectic palate of sound was most enjoyable and made for a diverse and pleasurable experience. The confluence of musical minds from Northern Italy, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, [...]

Deerhunter and Clockcleaner: Nasty As They Wanna Be

Deerhunter and Clockcleaner, provided the soundtrack for yet another fine evening spent at the Satellite Ballroom in Charlottesville, Virginia on July 9, 2007. Both acts demonstrated their particularly raw deliveries of visceral music. Deerhunter has become an indie-media sweetheart of late and it was refreshing to find that they are actually very talented and engaging, [...]

Boredoms: Eye Spiral 7-7-07

As a celebration of the auspicious date 7-7-07, Osaka Japan's Boredoms staged an epic musical happening in a sublime location on a gorgeous day, which came off in a transcendental manner. The band recruited 74 drummers, from the New York scene and beyond, in addition to their own 3 on stage to summon a being [...]

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