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In addition to a hysterical design concept, graphpaper.com has a cool post by Chris Fahey on the concept of ownership in the media world. Slightly restated and abstracted, the point might be that impending total internet connectivity might provide an opportunity for content owners to reclaim some degree of control, because local files will be [...]

Breaking: Reznor rich, probably smug

Christ on a pogo stick! I knew the uber-package for Ghosts had sold out, but I didn’t really put the numbers together until I saw them in an article elsewhere: 2500 copies at $300 a pop means that Trent just earned three quarters of a million dollars in one day. And remember, that’s only from [...]

It’s called the golden rule, morons

While reading over the latest round of bickering about Apple's monopoly on digital music sales, it occurred to me that very few of the people doing the complaining are going to the trouble of setting a good example. Now I'll admit that despite my ongoing frustrations with iTunes and the iTunes Music Store (and irrespective [...]

Ghosts deluxe edition sells out?

When Nine Inch Nails announced their digital release of Ghosts last night, the response was so strong that the servers crashed and they were unable to deliver the downloads. My own FLAC purchase was cut off by a download error and when I emailed tech support for help, they said they’d be working all day [...]


cialis cheapest He made an admirable attempt to hide it, but all winter it was pretty easy to see the steam shooting out of Trent Reznor’s ears. When Radiohead dropped In Rainbows back in October — and that’s “dropped” as in “hydrogen bomb on the industry,” not merely “new album” — Reznor was one of [...]

iTunes hits a new milestone (and now there’s only one left)

anti aging skin care In a press release issued earlier today, Apple announced that the iTunes Music Store is now the second-largest music retailer in the country. This isn't entirely surprising — pretty much everyone was shocked back in 2005 in a fairly similar manner when it was revealed that iTunes was beating Tower Records. [...]

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