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Laundry Songs: Session #1

Here you can see a few photographs of how we started our recording using the Casio SK-1 for click buy cialis discount tracks to lay down the foundation for the songs we will be developing. We used our AKG C-12VR Vacuum Tube Mic run into our Millenia Stt-1 for this signal path to Pro-Tools. We [...]

Trees On Fire Recording More Awesome Music

Yes, the infamous Trees On Fire are back at it again. It’s been a buy cialis online uk pleasure to work with them and capture their souls to Pro Tools at 88.2khz/24bit. I strongly suggest you get interested. Check out these pictures from the studio sessions. And to top it all off, Blake’s uncle and [...]

Casa de Chihuahua Allstars

Casa de Chihuahua are not stopping anytime soon. They keep coming up with amazing songs and then recording them. I can hardly believe my ears as the 1's and 0's come flying into buy generic viagra Pro Tools . Zac Orion has a serious case of the songwriti order propecia online cheap ngs, and Morgan [...]

Eight Questions For Don Zientara

Over the last 25 years, Don Zientara has been at the helm of Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Virginia. Often described as one of the most creative and important recording studios on the East Coast, Inner Ear is consistently mentioned in magazines such as Pro Sound, Mix, and Tape Op — not to mention it [...]

Radiohead remixes

The latest step in the bickering between Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails is last week’s announcement by the Brits that they’ll be encouraging fan remixes of “Nude,” the second single from “In Rainbows.” Of course, this is one instance where Trent would absolutely get our vote in the Wired contest, because he’s been doing this [...]

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