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King Wilkie – Live from the Jefferson Theater April 20th 2006

Listen to King Wilkie Live at the Jefferson Theater April 20th 2006. Audio 1 audio Audio 2 audio2 On April 20th 2006, Monkeyclaus recorded King Wilkie live at the Jefferson Theater in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. It was an idyllic Virginia spring evening as the music echoed out into the downtown pedestrian mall, and King Wilkie [...]

Early Sweet Crude Bill Podcast from the Vault

The following is a podcast using the Podpress plugin. To subscribe, open iTunes -> Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast and paste the URL: Early Sweet Crude Bill Podcast from the Vault http://www.monkeyclaus.org/?feed=rss2 ————- buy cialis without prescription ——————————–

Alex Schein – In the studio Podcast

“One Rhythm, One Life, One World Unite, in Love we find we move at the Speed of Light. All things are made of light. All things come from the sun.” Monkeyclaus has grown so much from working with Alex. More than a few nights turned into mornings as Speed of Light took flight. This 19 [...]

Live Spectre Folk Podcast

Monkeyclaus is proud to present a rare performance of Spectre Folk, from one of our favorite venues — the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville Virginia. The show was recorded on November 23, 2005. Spectre Folk is the mysterious solo project of Pete Nolan, the drummer of the mighty Magik Markers.

Live Cerberus Shoal Podcast

Cerberus Shoal is a constantly morphing collective of musical whims. They are exports of Portland, Maine and affiliated with the North East Indie record label. These folks roll thru towns like a circus in a feverdream and leave a heart shaped dent in the local psychic forcefield forever.

Live Six Organs of Admittance Podcast

Monkeyclaus proudly presents a recording we made of the Six Organs of Admittance live in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Six Organs of Admittance Podcast Podcast audio

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