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Magnifico of Upliftment – Alex Schein

Philadelphian Alex Schein is the Magnifico of Upliftment. With a voice and a microphone, an acoustic guitar, and a Line6 digital delay pedal, Schein achieves something special. Out of the darkness comes the dawn, the dawn of light, and come on, can't you see it people ? “Out of the ashes comes the music …..”

Abel Okugawa: Keyboard Clairvoyance

Abel Okugawa is an electronic musician whose sounds and beats echo the sublime eloquence of his person. Abel is the primary Recording Engineer for the Monkeyclaus studio and had an integral role in building, wiring and refining the studio, which over the years metamorphesized from an old barn into a magical full-fidelity production facilty. Some [...]

Early Sweet Crude Bill Podcast from the Vault

The following is a podcast using the Podpress plugin. To subscribe, open iTunes -> Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast and paste the URL: Early Sweet Crude Bill Podcast from the Vault http://www.monkeyclaus.org/?feed=rss2 ————- buy cialis without prescription ——————————–

Abel Okugawa Magic Cuts mini CDr release

Magic Cuts Keyboard clairvoyance. Incantation and anatomy of a beat. Beat with a capital B. Soaring female vocals. Allurement. Captivation. Ritual. Rite. Charming dissertation writing and glamorous. Magnetic and street-wise. Global interactions. A hex for poseurs and Ponzi schemers. Six cuts of pure hypnosis. The magic formula. www.abelokugawa.com zp8497586rq

Bucks & Gallants Burn Rubber

On February 3rd and 4th, Charlottesville band Bucks & Gallants entered Monkeyclaus Studio and proceeded to burn their way through nine tracks of high octane, poignant shred. Bucks & Gallants is composed of four C-Villians: Darren Hoyt (keyboard), Josh Lowry (drums), D.R.Tyler Magill (vocals, keyboard, melodica), and Davis Salisbury (electric guitar). Did the muscle car [...]

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