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The Honey Dew Drops : Monkey Session

Check out this collage of photos from our relaxing and enjoyable July Monkey Session with order cialis without prescription The Honey Dew Drops. These two wonderful musicians majestically settled into Monkeyclaus quite comfortable. Setting up their zone in the Live Room , they began the music making process with a few home made dehydrated sour [...]

Skeletons: A Monkey Session Done Right

Skeletons know something special. How cool is a Monkey Session? How cool is free jazz, Brooklyn, electric upright bass, tie-dye and gangster hats? These guys make my job fun and easy. Everything seemed to fall generic viagra buy cheap levitra no prescription into place; thank you!

Kohoutek: The Monkey Session

Monkey Sessions are always unpredictable, but in return, we are always amazed. Take a look at Kohoutek: they came, they set up, they played, they packed up, and viagra online pharmacy then they played a gig in C'ville at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. Nat Growtallerworkout Is My Advanced Program. You Make $44.5 Everytime urally, [...]

Buddies: Chris Cooper and Bill Nace Throw Down @ Monkeyclaus

The power of e-mail is powerful for the modern musician. For a DIY band, or even a pro booking agent, the process of setting up a tour can be much based in blind trust of a faceless individuals sitting in front of a computers in places far away. The meeting of the band with the [...]

Monkey Session #5: Tanakh Delivers The Goods From Italy

Summoning the days of yore, Tanakh's Monkey Session was something which captured the true spirit of traveling musicians.  The recording session showcased the resilience of the human spirit and the power found in turning duress into beauty.  The Italian five-piece collective arrived to our studio road-weary and bleary-eyed at midnight, after a 14 hour drive [...]

Jackie-O-Motherfucker Exclusive Podcast

Listen to an exclusive program with Jackie-O-MotherFucker This exclusive Jackie-O-Motherfucker podcast combines excerpts from a live performance in Charlottesville, Virginia on March 18th 2006 and a track the band created in our Monkeyclaus Studio on March 19th 2006. Admiring their experimentalism, Monkeyclaus invited Jackie-O into the studio for Monkey Session #4. The Monkey Sessions are [...]

Monkey Session #4 Jackie-O-MotherFucker

On Sunday March 19th, the illustrious Jackie-O-Motherfucker from Portland hit the Monkeyclaus studio like the legendary Single Bullet Theory, hitting hard and defying expectations. Under the guidance of founding member and ringleader Tom Greenwood, JOMF participated in MonkeySession Number Four. In addition to a series of live, improvisational songs, JOMF conducted an audio interview (see [...]

Monkey Session #2: Usaisamonster and Kites

Monkeyclaus was lucky enough to host Usaisamonster in the studio for our first official Monkey Session for a touring band. The Monkey Session is our version of spontaneous studio sessions first pioneered by John Peel of the BBC. Usaisamonster came with fellow Load label mates Kites and layed down a huge wall of beautiful noise [...]

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