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Boredoms: Night Move

On March 30, 2008 the mighty Boredoms from Osaka, Japan returned to New York to perform at Terminal 5 in Manhattan, in the round, on a stage in the center of the space surrounded by the crowd. Their last performance in New York was their, now legendary, shamanistic freakout “77 BOA DRUM”, on July 7th [...]

Boredoms: Eye Spiral 7-7-07

As a celebration of the auspicious date 7-7-07, Osaka Japan's Boredoms staged an epic musical happening in a sublime location on a gorgeous day, which came off in a transcendental manner. The band recruited 74 drummers, from the New York scene and beyond, in addition to their own 3 on stage to summon a being [...]

Acid Mothers Temple: Casts Weird Spell

In high school I was told that one could make a fortune by smuggling a sheet of acid into Japan where the psychedelically deprived kids would buy tabs for $25 a piece. As the grim reality of rotting in a Japanese prison or the high cost of plane fare, were not taken into account, this [...]

z0o0o0m r0o0o0ocks As$s$s$es

ZoOom LiVE @ Dust: Japanese eclectic rockers z0o0o0m describe their live show as “super happy excited.” They taunt audiences with outlandish photos. A woman singing, nearly swallowing a microphone and arched into a full back bend. A man jumping awesomely with a guitar. A ridiculously configured order viagra drum kit. In following up tours of [...]

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