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Regime Change – Intl' Party – Album Release

Regime change keeps the Hip-Hop torch burning and leads the way to a new era. This is their debut full length album titled The Intl’ party . You c Social Networking On Squidoo. an download a FREE sampler of 6 songs from the album via the link below. comprar kamagra The full album is available [...]


In addition to a hysterical design concept, graphpaper.com has a cool post by Chris Fahey on the concept of ownership in the media world. Slightly restated and abstracted, the point might be that impending total internet connectivity might provide an opportunity for content owners to reclaim some degree of control, because local files will be [...]

Early Sweet Crude Bill Podcast from the Vault

The following is a podcast using the Podpress plugin. To subscribe, open iTunes -> Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast and paste the URL: Early Sweet Crude Bill Podcast from the Vault http://www.monkeyclaus.org/?feed=rss2 ————- buy cialis without prescription ——————————–

Wal-Mart sticks to its guns (no, not those guns)

cash advance lenders Wal-Mart's recent abandonment of WMA format for their download store shows that they do indeed know what they're doing and can respond to the emerging market in a fairly savvy fashion. Some of the majors still aren't on board — which is pretty odd, given that they're participating in Amazon's MP3 store [...]

Apples and Onions

aquariums From the lighter side of the sinking record industry: the recent iTunes music retail coup made it to the Onion's weekly Q&A feature. As one who reads this feature regularly, I think that's pretty cool. What do you think? zp8497586rq

Video projects from Reznor and Radiohead

Thom Yorke's confused warble on the In Rainbows track “Videotape” just took on another layer of significance, and in addition, Trent Reznor has been watering the middle finger to the old record industry that is Ghosts, and now it's finally growing longer. In a recent post on his site, Trent announced a collaborative fan project [...]

It’s called the golden rule, morons

While reading over the latest round of bickering about Apple's monopoly on digital music sales, it occurred to me that very few of the people doing the complaining are going to the trouble of setting a good example. Now I'll admit that despite my ongoing frustrations with iTunes and the iTunes Music Store (and irrespective [...]

Kids these days

Lest you think we shy away from the constant pronouncements of doom and gloom in the music world, the LA Times brings us the news today that according to the same report by market research firm NPD that placed iTunes at #2, 48% of teenagers surveyed bought no CDs at all in 2007. While this [...]

iTunes hits a new milestone (and now there’s only one left)

anti aging skin care In a press release issued earlier today, Apple announced that the iTunes Music Store is now the second-largest music retailer in the country. This isn't entirely surprising — pretty much everyone was shocked back in 2005 in a fairly similar manner when it was revealed that iTunes was beating Tower Records. [...]

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