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6 Day Bender = 8 Day Bender

Check out some behind generic viagra price the scenes photographs of the studio process with 6 Day Bender. dissertation writing These guys rocked Monkeyclaus like real rock stars… These boys are the ones with cialis the cash on the corner. The new CD recorded at Monkeyclaus studio is about to be finished. You can check [...]

Trees On Fire Recording More Awesome Music

Yes, the infamous Trees On Fire are back at it again. It’s been a buy cialis online uk pleasure to work with them and capture their souls to Pro Tools at 88.2khz/24bit. I strongly suggest you get interested. Check out these pictures from the studio sessions. And to top it all off, Blake’s uncle and [...]

Trees On Fire: The Green Room Sessions

You have heard the CD, know at least one member in the band — or someone you know does — you like their music, have seen them play cialis coupon live, and maybe even heard they were recording… somewhere? Now you know even more: take a look at some photos from generic lasix online the [...]

Finger Painters: Local Music Makers

Check out some local talent. The Finger Painters rock and let the natural bleed do the trick. That is to say, the bleed online pharmacy no prescription between amps, mics, drums, Rhodes, speakers, and energy. It all flows directly through our colorful Van den Hul signal path being organized into 88.2khz/24bit audio packets. Magic was [...]

Horsefang: Raw and Dirty

Serious effort goes into making Horsefang’s heavy-as-lead music. I believe they tune down to the key viagra cheap of Hell itself. These sessions are all about capturing the tones and sweat from the players and leavi buy cheap generic priligy ng it as raw as possible, so you can feel and taste the riffs. How [...]

Cliff Usher of Birdlips

Recording Birdlips is amazing — vintage mics (Lomo,Sony,Electrovoice) and technique down to the circa 1950 Western Electric wires. Reverbs of springs, plates and s propecia without prescription pace echo tape delay. Multi instrumentalist and mastermind Cliff Usher is making a killer album. You will definitely want to get viagra for sale a copy of this [...]

Skeletons: A Monkey Session Done Right

Skeletons know something special. How cool is a Monkey Session? How cool is free jazz, Brooklyn, electric upright bass, tie-dye and gangster hats? These guys make my job fun and easy. Everything seemed to fall generic viagra buy cheap levitra no prescription into place; thank you!

David Sickmen: All the Queens Horses

Charlottesville All viagra alternatives Star David Sickmen is blessing us with more perfect and true songs. I have been blown away with the creativity that comes forth from this madman songwriter. A song is sometimes the ultimate form of expression, but it seems like all the time with David. He is going Paleo In A [...]

Birdlips: mixing and a little more tracking

Birdlips has been putting the final touches to their mix . And of course quickly recording any last creative inspirations that need to be on sildenafil online this Album. Check out some pictures from the scene in the studi cialis without prescription o:www.birdlipsmusic.com zp8497586rq

Casa de Chihuahua Allstars

Casa de Chihuahua are not stopping anytime soon. They keep coming up with amazing songs and then recording them. I can hardly believe my ears as the 1's and 0's come flying into buy generic viagra Pro Tools . Zac Orion has a serious case of the songwriti order propecia online cheap ngs, and Morgan [...]

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