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New Release from OKAI – "Okai's Odyssey" is now available as a FREE download

DOWNLOAD HERE First I would like to Thank the Creator for lending me the creativity to make this happen. Also to my spirit who guides me through the trials and tribulations. This album is dedicated to all the fellow musicians, mc’s, singers, videographer’s, and business people who help me through this journey of mine without [...]

Regime Change – Intl' Party – Album Release

Regime change keeps the Hip-Hop torch burning and leads the way to a new era. This is their debut full length album titled The Intl’ party . You c Social Networking On Squidoo. an download a FREE sampler of 6 songs from the album via the link below. comprar kamagra The full album is available [...]

Regime Change : Studio Sessions Mixing

Regime Change is mixing up the heat and balancing their thoughtful lyrics with booty hypnotizing beats. Soon you will be generic cialis able to check the 3 song EP release, International Party. More info at www.regimechangemusic.com

Animental: Frog and Turtle lay down the law

Frog buy cialis online no prescription and Turtle, also known as Animental, are dope rappers from Brooklyn NY, and know how to bring the noise. The sessions are still being mixed and finalized for y generic clomid our enjoyment, but here you can see the humans behind the animals. Here is Mathew Clark soaking up [...]

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