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Laundry Songs: Session #1

Here you can see a few photographs of how we started our recording using the Casio SK-1 for click buy cialis discount tracks to lay down the foundation for the songs we will be developing. We used our AKG C-12VR Vacuum Tube Mic run into our Millenia Stt-1 for this signal path to Pro-Tools. We [...]

Boredoms: Night Move

On March 30, 2008 the mighty Boredoms from Osaka, Japan returned to New York to perform at Terminal 5 in Manhattan, in the round, on a stage in the center of the space surrounded by the crowd. Their last performance in New York was their, now legendary, shamanistic freakout “77 BOA DRUM”, on July 7th [...]

Abel Okugawa: Beat Wizard

Let it be known that Abel Okugawa is an epic figure in the Monkeyclaus family. He is the chief head honcho engineer of the Monkeyclaus Recording Studio. As an early Monkeyclaus believer, Abel was a key figure in the construction of the studio. He personally wired the entire studio. All the patches. All the everything. [...]

Monkeyclaus Artist of the Week: Abel Okugawa

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Monkey Session: Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities

The latest in an on going series of invitational recording sessions, our Monkey Session with Brooklyn's “Skeletons and Kings of All Cities” was all that we could have hoped it would be and more. Matt Mehlan, Tony Lowe, Jason McMahon, and Jonathon Leland are the core of the group and the totality of the touring [...]

Wolf Eyes Photos / Crush Your Skull

Wolf Eyes, the most notorious group in the American Underground, remain completely seminal. With a fantastic new full length record on Sub Pop entitled “Human Animal”, as well as a recent 12″ single on Sub Pop entitled “Driller”, Wolf Eyes are unchained again and currently touring through the United States. John Olson handles electronics, tapes, [...]

iPhone guitar

Monkeyclaus is currently working to find the shortest distance between the microphone and the iPhone, but we have to admit that this guy may have us beat. Keep in mind that although the SDK was released in early March, the iPhone still is not an open platform for custom applications like this one. When that [...]

Monkey Session #2: Usaisamonster and Kites

Monkeyclaus was lucky enough to host Usaisamonster in the studio for our first official Monkey Session for a touring band. The Monkey Session is our version of spontaneous studio sessions first pioneered by John Peel of the BBC. Usaisamonster came with fellow Load label mates Kites and layed down a huge wall of beautiful noise [...]

Bucks & Gallants Burn Rubber

On February 3rd and 4th, Charlottesville band Bucks & Gallants entered Monkeyclaus Studio and proceeded to burn their way through nine tracks of high octane, poignant shred. Bucks & Gallants is composed of four C-Villians: Darren Hoyt (keyboard), Josh Lowry (drums), D.R.Tyler Magill (vocals, keyboard, melodica), and Davis Salisbury (electric guitar). Did the muscle car [...]

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