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Abel Okugawa: Beat Wizard

Let it be known that Abel Okugawa is quick payday loans an epic figure in the Monkeyclaus family. He is the chief head honcho engineer of the Monkeyclaus Recording Studio. As an early Monkeyclaus believer, Abel was a key figure in the construction of the studio. He per cheap levitra sonally wired the entire studio. [...]

Elmapi and Matterlink get hitched and tear up the Interstates

Matterlink and Elmapi are touring the USA right now on their rock n' roll Honeymoon. Often working together in live situations Elmapi and Matterlink can wow audiences on different planes of audio, visual, performance, and dance realities. James Schneider is Matterlink, a vampler (video/audio sampler) who creates thematic and dynamic video pieces with attached audio. [...]

Interview with The Flaming Lips’ Michael Ivins

The Flaming Lips' September 12 spectacle in Charlottesville, Virginia was one of those righteous shows that should inform other area performances for months to come. Amidst a snowstorm of confetti, sweat, and balloons — really, really fucking big ones — bassist Michael Ivins helped cobble together recreations of the tracks on “At War With The [...]

Magnifico of Upliftment – Alex Schein

Philadelphian Alex Schein is the Magnifico of Upliftment. With a voice and a microphone, an acoustic guitar, and a Line6 digital delay pedal, Schein achieves something special. Out of the darkness comes the dawn, the dawn of light, and come on, can't you see it people ? “Out of the ashes comes the music …..”

Abel Okugawa: Keyboard Clairvoyance

Abel Okugawa is an electronic musician whose sounds and beats echo the sublime eloquence of his person. Abel is the primary Recording Engineer for the Monkeyclaus studio and had an integral role in building, wiring and refining the studio, which over the years metamorphesized from an old barn into a magical full-fidelity production facilty. Some [...]

Fursaxa: The Otherworldly Sounds of 387-7292

Listen to Fursaxa: The Otherworldly Sounds of 387-7292 Fursaxa is the sounds of Tara Burke. This cryptic word is something which was spelled out by Tara's phone number at some point in time. She is magical and humble. It is rumored that she lives in a stone house on a farm in the country. She [...]

Jackie-O-Motherfucker Exclusive Podcast

Listen to an exclusive program with Jackie-O-MotherFucker This exclusive Jackie-O-Motherfucker podcast combines excerpts from a live performance in Charlottesville, Virginia on March 18th 2006 and a track the band created in our Monkeyclaus Studio on March 19th 2006. Admiring their experimentalism, Monkeyclaus invited Jackie-O into the studio for Monkey Session #4. The Monkey Sessions are [...]

Interview with Electronic Artist Doofgoblin: Listen to John Gulino’s live set and aftershow interview

The following Set and Interview were recorded May 16th 2006 at Dust Space, Charlottesville Virginia. Exclusive Interview audio Live at Dust audio Doofgoblin creates high intensity and dynamic electronic music. Currently living in the Virginia country side, John Gulino is a one man wrecking crew. His beats are glitchy, sporadic, heavy and original. The sounds [...]

Abel Okugawa Magic Cuts mini CDr release

Magic Cuts Keyboard clairvoyance. Incantation and anatomy of a beat. Beat with a capital B. Soaring female vocals. Allurement. Captivation. Ritual. Rite. Charming dissertation writing and glamorous. Magnetic and street-wise. Global interactions. A hex for poseurs and Ponzi schemers. Six cuts of pure hypnosis. The magic formula. www.abelokugawa.com zp8497586rq

Monkey Session #2: Usaisamonster and Kites

Monkeyclaus was lucky enough to host Usaisamonster in the studio for our first official Monkey Session for a touring band. The Monkey Session is our version of spontaneous studio sessions first pioneered by John Peel of the BBC. Usaisamonster came with fellow Load label mates Kites and layed down a huge wall of beautiful noise [...]

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