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Colin L. Orchestra: Infinite Ease Made Easy

Three years of scheming, arranging, tracking, waiting, steeping thoughts, and meticulous crafting has brought Colin Langenus’ (ex-USAisaMonster) new full length solo album, "Infinite Ease" to fruition. It is a beautiful, staggering testament to visions realized, and the process of flux inherent in the creative process. With full disclosure I must admit that I am a [...]

The Honey Dew Drops – If the Sun Will Shine

If the Sun Will Shine, The Honey Dew Drops’ debut record, was just released May 2009. Recorded live and mixed in a 1920’s barn, the record means to pay hom buy cialis age to their live performances – full of the same energy and emotion the Honey Dewdrops bring to the stage. Local sound engineer, [...]

Download Live Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees from the Jefferson Theater

Monkeyclaus is very excited to facilitate the live recording of Jim Waive and his band at the Jefferson Theater from April 20, 2006. Singer-songwriter Jim Waive has currently assembled a very strong group to support his personal brand of country music . Waive has a commanding live presence and his fellow musicians foster a rich, [...]

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