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Regime Change : Studio Sessions Mixing

Regime Change is mixing up the heat and balancing their thoughtful lyrics with booty hypnotizing beats. Soon you will be generic cialis able to check the 3 song EP release, International Party. More info at www.regimechangemusic.com

Animental: Frog and Turtle lay down the law

Frog buy cialis online no prescription and Turtle, also known as Animental, are dope rappers from Brooklyn NY, and know how to bring the noise. The sessions are still being mixed and finalized for y generic clomid our enjoyment, but here you can see the humans behind the animals. Here is Mathew Clark soaking up [...]

Skeletons: A Monkey Session Done Right

Skeletons know something special. How cool is a Monkey Session? How cool is free jazz, Brooklyn, electric upright bass, tie-dye and gangster hats? These guys make my job fun and easy. Everything seemed to fall generic viagra buy cheap levitra no prescription into place; thank you!

Monkey Session: Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities

The latest in an on going series of invitational recording sessions, our Monkey Session with Brooklyn's “Skeletons and Kings of All Cities” was all that we could have hoped it would be and more. Matt Mehlan, Tony Lowe, Jason McMahon, and Jonathon Leland are the core of the group and the totality of the touring [...]

Antibalas Live at Starr Hill

Indie rock could learn a thing or two from Duke Amayo — his Antibalas project is undoubtedly among the more curious acts dispensed by the goofy musical vending machine that is modern-day Brooklyn. The sprawling ensemble, which typically consists of between 11 and 14 members, is a contemporary Afrobeat band playing music derived from Nigerian [...]

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The Chihuahuas Finish Their Tour Where They Began

The Virginia Jihad Tour of 2007 is coming to a close after a short tour around the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. Come welcome the Chihuahuas home at Starr Hill this Saturday night. They will be lighting up the stage along with Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees and The Hackensaw Boys. Should be a [...]

Casa de Chihuahua: Seen Heading South, Considered Dangerous

art by nico and photo by konstantin sergeyev The Casa de Chihuahua is an upscale bed and breakfast in Chihuahua Mexico. Ironically, it's also the name of the New York City / Nelson County, Virginia “street-grass” kingpins and queen. The band plays bluegrass music soaked in a punk aesthetic, and affected by urban surroundings. “The [...]

Beirut in Sin City – Interview with Zach Condon

On August 23rd, 2006, Beirut ran the show and took charge of Washington, D.C. with the live presentation of “Gulag Orkestar” at the intimate Warehouse Next Door space. In a wait for the doors that rivaled the great wait for tickets for the Grateful Dead at Radio City Music Hall in the Autumn of 1980, [...]

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