The Art of Being Heavy: Horsefang

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Horsefang is epic instrumental Metal from Charlottesville, VA. "The 'Fang" recorded their first EP at Monkeyclaus last year. It is a gnarly Metal ripper from start to finish. This past weekend they began to lay down the tracks for th

eir follow up release. The raw tracks from this first session are entirely mammoth and crushing. Drummer Jarrod Hood's new DDrums "Bonham style" acrylic kit makes all the difference. Also the co-engineering of Bruce Falkinburg with studio stalwart Abel Okugawa. The tone crafting of the new Horsefang sound is brilliant.

Articulate and monstrous drums meld with bigger bass tones and fiercer guitars, still with an element of warmth and breath. The new songs are more expansive, while still complex, mathy and galloping forward. Horsefang

is a sound worth submitting to; a face melting brand of fantasy Metal fit for children and adults. We love it! They will be in the studio, especially on weekends, for the next months. We can't wait to debut their new sounds on our site and sell their new masterpiece. Check out the debut Horsefang album in our digital download store.

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