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Check out the new Uncle Jemima CD recorded at Monkeyclaus. This album was recorded in 3 sessions. Uncle Jemima is a talented musician and telescope operator. His talent shines through this beautiful record ' So heavy for Something so Empty' . Listen

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  Somebody Else (6.4 MiB, 2,747 hits)

So Heavy for Something So Empty is an intricate chronology of fragile, acoustic gems and soaring, overwhelmingly pounding rockers. Uncle Jemima's album dances between acoustic and electronic music, often blending the two in unexpected situations to create a unique dialogue between nature and wall socket. The album begins with a strange, warbling glimpse of a tune called "Mr. McGregor's Shed", which presents itself as a nursery rhyme that quickly turns to a voice haunting one from a closet. Just as the listener is confused enough to raise an eyebrow, in come the acoustic masterpieces "Destroyer" and "Last Flight" to rectify the senses. The listener is then taken on a wild journey that ebbs and flows between glimpses of happiness and anger, of depression and solitude, as if the listener is snatching quick glimpses of sunshine between

the clouds of a thunderstorm. This journey

peaks at the tumultuous second-to-last song, "Election Day", before ending in the heart-wrenching finale, "Somebody Else".

You can buy the full CD at his Myspace HERE

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