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For those of you who don't know him and his music, Gabriel Goldstein is a folky, from-the-heart singer and songwriter who has spent quite a bit of time hanging around Monkeyclaus. He currently resides in New Orleans, and is about to release the

long-awaited Sad Stories and Cautionary Tales. After self-funding its recording and mixing, he successfully raised funds this fall via KickStarter to complete and release the album. It is fully recorded and mastered and simply awaiting artwork before it's final release. Monkeyclaus is happy to see another indie success come from using the kickstarter platform. It is ultimately the fans or patrons who have always supported the arts. We are looking forward to more great contributions enabled by using this model. Monkeyclaus is proud to provide the mastering for this wonderful album. Have a listen to two of the Sad Stories & Cautionary Tales, exclusively streaming here, check out the kickstarter video that turned to gold, and keep your ears out for this upcoming release!

Streaming Songs :

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Words from the artist :

Sad Stories & Cautionary Tales is an album of ten songs, originally conceived on a back porch in Alaska in fall 2008. I had a batch of freshly written, handmade songs, that wanted a home. The idea was to make an old-fashioned album, that you'd want to listen to all the way through and then start playing at the beginning again. One that had a sound and a soul and a rise and fall and a climax and a resolution, like the albums we grew up with.
Now, almost two years later, this dream of an album is completely recorded and mixed. You can listen to the opening and closing songs here.
Over the last year and a half, I rented and borrowed microphones, sound cards, instruments, and learned how to engineer recordings. I gathered many of my favorite musicians to play on sessions in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Virginia. If I could get into a studio it was late at night, but more often it was living rooms and practice spaces. None of the people I knew who mix music were available, so, lacking the money but utterly determined, last summer in Hawaii I decided I was going to have to learn how to do it myself. Many a moon waxed and waned while I mixed and listened, sent out mp3's for feedback, invited people to private listening parties. I moved from place to place, but kept working, and now the music is in its right place.
I am very proud of what this album has become. It tells stories of love, mystery, longing, sadness, nature, friendship and memory. Tales of the desert and the mountains and the ocean, and bears the fingerprints of all the people who sang, played and helped me record. It is the culmination of my musical pursuits up to this moment, and is by far the clearest reflection of my musical soul I've yet achieved. It's an old-fashioned kind of album, and it's time to get it out to the world.
Here's where I need your help. So far I've been able to make this album on borrowed equipment, much free consultation and tutorials, paying the musicians in pots buy viagra online of gumbo, grilled sandwiches, beer and mulled wine. But to get this music out, it's going to take more than home cooking.
I have commissioned Zach Holtzman to make a series of woodcut prints and drawings for the album art. The talented folks at Monkeyclaus are set to do the final mixdown and mastering. Owen Gjertesen-Troy at Des-Troy Designs is a genius at graphic design, and Sire Press makes these amazing cd packages with all-natural ink, 100% post-consumer-waste chipboard, with silk-screened art.
My plan to release this album as a short-run deluxe CD with a booklet containing art, lyrics and more, and as a digital download.

This (Kickstarter) is a very exciting and democratic evolution of the creative process. The way I see it, this is a lot like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). You contribute a share, the farm gets to grow things, and during the harvest season, you get fresh homegrown tomatoes. More tangibly, a musician gets to put out a dream album, a visual artist gets to make wood-cut prints, and an inspired recording studio and a graphic designer get some

good work. Hooray! Help the Economy! Help the cause of Art! Support real non-commercial homegrown Music!
Thank you much,

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