Raw Soul: Rare & Unreleased Funk From Norfolk, Virginia 1971-1973 LP

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A killer set of funky raw soul from the early 70s Norfolk, VA scene – literally Raw Soul – as the excellent group is at the heart and soul of all the material in the set! It features tracks credited to Raw Soul plus singer

s & groups Lanis Guess, Shirley Johnson, Sir Guy, Josephine Jones, Lee Fields, Page One and others – all heavy burners from the Virginia scene. The tunes are raw, soulful and tightly funky – with the guitar, bass and drums of Barry Saunders, Maurice Glass and Grover Elliot nicely gritty throughout and the excellent sax work of Dorsey Brockington all over the set. It ranges from hard and heavy funk to less frenetic southern soul. Totally excellent – here's hoping more compilations are coming down the road! Titles include "How You Gonna Do It", "Leave My Beat Alone" and "The Gig" by Raw Soul, "That Beat's Got The Devil In It" by Lenis Guess, "Feels So Good" by Shirley Johnson, "Candy Man" by Josephine Jones, "Wrong Crowd" by Prince George", "Thank Goodness Gotta Good Woman" by Page One and more.

This LP was mastered here at Monkeyclaus studio, and is an amazing project to be a part of. Brent Hosier of Arcania Records is a magical music finder and always puts together a full package with lots of information and the best most rare songs from Virginia. This is a testament to his craftsmanship, quality and respect the

music deserves.

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  1. Wow, can't wait to order this up at Dusty Groove! Must have been a fun project to be a part of.

    stay cool,


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