Laundry Songs: Session #1

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Here you can see a few photographs of how we started our recording using the Casio SK-1 for click

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tracks to lay down the foundation for the songs we will be developing. We used our AKG C-12VR Vacuum Tube Mic run into our Millenia Stt-1 for this signal path to Pro-Tools. We found this path gave us a great recording of the full range and cheap viagra realistic quality we wanted to capture coming out of the built in 2" Casio speaker. As soon as we have the Casio recorded, we then will use beat detective to make our grids. As soon as the grid is in place we can start adding all the cool guitars and basses we will be recording with. There will be an exciting list of guitars and amps used as the sessions continue.

Session Notes :

Tom Peloso : Recording Artist

Abel Okugawa : Engineer

Raphael Wintersberger : Engineer

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