Abel Okugawa: Beat Wizard

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Let it be known that Abel Okugawa is

an epic figure in the Monkeyclaus family. He is the chief head honcho engineer of the Monkeyclaus Recording Studio. As an early Monkeyclaus believer, Abel was a key figure in the construction of the studio. He per

sonally wired the entire studio. All the patches. All the everything. Recounting the heroicness of his efforts in manifesting this studio and this webportal is impossible in "blog form." Howewer, let us not be distracted by his accolades, and let us focus on the output. Abel recorded over a dozen of the titles in our current catalog, all of the Monkeysession Features, and voluminous archived material which will be soon finding its way to the Monkeyclaus site, with our relaunch. In many cases Abel engineered, produced, mixed and mastered the entire project. His eponymous music project has become a relentless vehicle for beat creation and electronic wizardry. Check both Abel Okugawa releases in

the store, "816 Mix" and "Magic Cuts". Also check out Abel playing on the Avon Force and Galactic Core albums, and in the artist community find his work on the Red Flower Lake recordings.

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