A few Chihuahuas are headed to Belfast, Sláinte, Ulster, Guid forder!

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Dear Ireland,

Land of the Song, Spirit, Fire, and Green. Have you any idea what you have done? You have invited a few of the merriest creatures this side of the Spirit. Zack is travelling with his life in his suitcase ,I mean kick drum, I

mean suitcase. The only Hobo bag that you can beat on and fly coach with. God bless that luggage.

He and Morgan are meeting Ferd and some other Hackensaws (Wassup) to play Black Box Theatre Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sláinte,

Ulster, Guid forder!

Check out there show with Banjo Ninja.

Casa de Chihuahua formed as a band in Brooklyn, New York, but currently find themselves living in the Blue Ridge Mountains – a perfect reflection of the music they play. They represent the vanguard of the new "street grass" revolution – old school mountain music composed and performed in urban environs, fueled by beer, tattoos and body piercings.

Gee that sounds kind of harsh. These guys are all really lovable, tender, and sincere. Please buy there record they forked out

their own cash to come play for the Belfast Folk.

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  1. Jeez~ The poor lads were refused at the British Border. Now how is that for southern musical hospitality. Its unjust really. It is unjust. Musicians. We need to rise up. This is ridiculous, It is so difficult for Canadian and Mexican bands to legally enter the Us and play music. Does anyone else have a solution or know of a group working on these issues. I became aware attending future of music events in Canada.

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