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Our Downloads Are Green

At Monkeyclaus, we take the state of our environment very seriously. There is so much that we can do to make a difference. Business especially should bring to market products and services that are both sustainable and innovative. Loss of habitat not only affects endangered species, it affects us. Remember humans are a species. While there is much debate surrounding the environmental state of this planet, one thing is for certain: We can totally make a difference if we want to.

We built our recording studio and business office from 25 % post consumer recycled waste and 1000s of hours of volunteer labor. We bring this same energy to our distribution network. We give 10 cents from each single download and 10 % of the Album price straight to Charity. We plant trees outside our recording studio for every 1000 downloads we sell. When the yard fills ups, we'll move to another location. We designed our black website because white pixels use more energy than black pixels. (Check out Blackle.)

Bottom line, Monkeyclaus is here here to make a positive difference. Music is good for the soul. Lets wake up the imagination and do things a little different.

Our Downloads Are Well Encoded

When buying music from Monkeyclaus, you can rest assured that your purchases are of the highest possible quality. Transforming an audio recording into a computer file intended for end users involves a process called "audio encoding," and Monkeyclaus goes to great lengths to ensure that it happens at the highest performance levels.

The most popular variant is the MP3, which Monkeyclaus presents in its most pristine forms, but there are also other versions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Most involve slight decreases in sound quality that can save tremendous amounts of disk space, but they all include embedded information which can be used for advanced organizational purposes which enhance the playback experience.

In addition to the most popular formats, Monkeyclaus also offers special high-fidelity options with additional functionality, but all Monkeyclaus audio files are on the bleeding edge of developing technology and represent the absolute best sound quality and functionality available at the time.

We Are Geeky About Encoding & Digital Audio Files

Monkeyclaus audio files are ripped from disc using Exact Audio Copy, a powerful audio extraction program that reads each sector several times for verification and only proceeds when a perfect match is reported four times in a row. This turns any CD drive into a bulletproof ripping machine and eliminates the annoying pops and clicks that can result from the less reliable ripping found in programs like iTunes. The resulting WAV files are then compressed with FLAC at level 6 forlossless sales and archival purposes.

The lossless files are then converted to MP3 using LAME 3.97 in variable bitrate mode using the --V0 preset. Of the available encoder settings which have undergone proper psychoacoustic testing, this has the highest resolution possible without needlessly increasing file size by bloating every frame to 320 kbps. Any compression artifacts are minimal and lie far below the threshold of audibility for at least 95% of listeners.

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