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Japanese eclectic rockers z0o0o0m describe their live show as "super happy excited." They taunt audiences with outlandish photos. A woman singing, nearly swallowing a microphone and arched into a full back bend. A man jumping awesomely with a guitar. A ridiculously configured

drum kit. In following up tours of Japan with acts such as Lightning Bolt and USAisaMonster, z0o0o0m brought the party to American soil. Their live show, recently in Charlottesville , Virginia manifested as something beyond expectations. It was a veritable orgy of manic goodness. Shirtless dudes, pounding fists on the floor and writhing in bliss with zombie face paint. Frenzied fashionable ladies with zombie face paint. It was a crystalline lysergic utopia distilled in the moment, which lasted only so long as the Kyoto trio raged on.

z0o0om is comprised of Nakasima (standing drums, vocals, harmonica) I.K.D. (drumkit) and Tokuhiro (guitars and vocals). They release from their exploding heart chakras the unified sound of obl

ivion. Nakasima unleashes a fury of frenzied vocal chants in Japanese, distilled thru some odd effect pedal I've never seen the likes of before. Her rhythms from the standing drum kit mesh perfectly with the uber intense drumming of Mr. I.K.D. Tokuhiro is a master of ethereal tonality, brandishing a vast arsenal of pedals, while still surging the vast forward impetus into their driving sound. z0o0o0m is completely captivating.

If it requires a plane ticket to Japan you must see z0o0o0m before you leave the planet. Perhaps patience and hope are all you need. They will return. In the meantime I can highly recommend their new CD "Eight my Heart". Recommend for lovers of rainbows and herbal remedies. According to Mr. Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt, "zOoOoOm build a dreamlike world populated by howling banshees, gleeful child fairies, guitarists who weave soundflags to fill its sky and a pulsing beat making creature who propels you always forward." Believe!

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