Riverside Prayers At The End Of The Oil Age

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Sweet Crude Bill and The Lighthouse Nautical Society

In San Francisco you will find diversity and burritos and medicinal marijuana and the world of the hi-tech. You will also find a shipwrecked culture that is Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society. Bill's journey is the American journey filtered through wildcatting, rum and whiskey, steel guitars, forgotten dirt roads, merciful angels, and all that is iconic about rock and roll. Bill even has his own musical genre -- "Americano".

Described as "a post-ironic cruise ship in a tropical ocean", "an amazing twist of fate", or "a wonderland that oozes black muck while they fuck shit up with panache", Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society are the cure for the modern era. With fantastically-themed songs that are truly inspired, SCB & TLNS could be the Saturday Night Headliners in any city or on any Treasure Island. With similarities varying from Johnny Cash to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to traditional sea shanties to Ji

mmy Rodgers, this is music of merit.

In his mirrored-sunglasses and cowboy shirt, Bill leads the five members of The Lighthouse Nautical Society through country or rock and roll to calypso or folk. And it is now, all so very now. The Lighthouse Nautical Society is comprised of Ten Finger Joe on electric guitar, The Precious on electric guitar & vocals, Hal Burton on drums, Anne Can Anne on electric bass & vocals, and Paintbrush Willie on acoustic guitar. With maxims like "Love! Honor! Cocktails!", "Abandon shame!", and "Rock the boat!", it is clear that SCB & TLNS want you to enjoy yourself while being rescued from the dark currents of today's and/or tomorrow's world. And that is where it is at, luckily, uttering riverside prayers at the end of The Oil Age.

Listen to this exclusive audio interview with Sweet Crude Bill.

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