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The fine folks at Pitchfork launched their new video project yesterday -- it's effectively an online MTV for indie artists.

I have high hopes for this for a couple reasons. First, P-fork founder Ryan Schreiber has said that he highly values high-res content -- he specifically complained about YouTube's video quality while discussing the launch -- so they're currently "broadcasting" using H.264, which you video nuts already know looks totally freaking unbelievable at the resulting file sizes.

YouTube is obviously still king of the hill for online music-related videos (for online anything-related videos, really) but video is the next major online media battleground, and it's nice to see a strong, early hold being taken by the media outlet that has singlehandedly brought independent music back into the cultural spotlight over the last five years.

It could also lead to a general shift in tone. Pitchfork can be disgustingly smarmy at times, but their staffers are clearly hip dudes who are in touch with the culture around them, and if you're not a jackass in real life, it's much more difficult to come across as one on a screen than in text.

Anything is possible, though. But either way, at least that logo is awesome.


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