Pelt: Droning Out 2006

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Nipple Gong
On the evening of December 28th as 2006 was drawing to a close, legendary avant-world-outfit, Pelt, graced the Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville, VA with far-out acoustic drones, ringing peace and harmony into final days of a chaotic year. Pelt, known for their revolving cast of collaborators, featured Mike Gangloff, Patrick Best, Mikel Dimmick, Nathan Bowles, and Isak Howell for this performance. Their first piece involved a metalaphone orchestra, comprised of only metallic percussive instruments, such as a set of Tibetan and other metal bowls, as well as three large gongs. What began as bells, dings, and brassy klangs, grew to

a colorful noisy whir of rhythm then sweetly settled into solid saturated tones with no clear beginning or end. The low rumble of a nipple gong o

stinato and the subtle ring of Tibetan singing-bowls filled the room with resonance and bliss. As an interlude, Issac Howel, later joined by the Black Twig Pickers played series of Appalachian folk tunes, reintroducing the voice and language between Pelt's rather meditative sets. For Pelt's second set, Best and Dimmick played Harmonium building steady drones while pumping in and out of phase, while Gangloff created soaring melody with the Esraj. The piece had the authentic feel of an evening raga, summoned by pure-hearted occidentals. Everyone in the room sat silent and motionless, at peace with the harmony that issued forth.

Duel Harmoniums



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