New Release from OKAI – "Okai's Odyssey" is now available as a FREE download

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First I would like to Thank the Creator for lending me the creativity to make this happen. Also to my spirit who guides me through the trials and tribulations. This album is dedicated to all the fellow musicians, mc’s, singers, videographer's, and business people who help me through this journey of mine without you there is no Okai. Special thanks to Negus Maximilian from the RegimeChange set who has worked on putting the Okai’s Odyssey together. He Produced, mixed, Rhymed, and Engineered on this one. Thanks to my Diamond Shari for helping me with everything I do.

This album will be a free download for the summer for my avid devoted listeners, then for the fall it will go on for your purchase on RegimeChangeMusic website. If you liked the “Odyssey” so much that you thought I was crazy for making it free please support me and go check out “Dekonstruktion of the Mind” or “RegimeChange” project on and download some indigenous HipHop music. That is the category of music i put Okai, RegimeChange, NegusWorld, Bataka Squad in. We call it Indigenous HipHop.

In the future I am currently working on the BrownRiceFamily album that should drop this summer. BrownRiceFamily album will be a mixture of different Caribbean music and I am very

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excited about being

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in a band where i can express all my talents to the fullest. Also UnderGroundHorns are in the process of mixing all the songs we’ve recorded so look out for that instrumental album this summer as well. So as you can see its going to be a busy summer and I am looking forward to it. Once again i thank the Creator and my Spirit for providing me with the opportunity to stay busy doing what i love to do.

Peace and Give Thanks.

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