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Portastatic At the Satellite Ballroom

Mac McCaughan runs Merge Records. Mac McCaughan also fronts Superchunk and Portastatic. Where as Superchunk has been less busy in the recent years, Portastatic has been consistently releasing recordings. With a very impressive discography, Portastatic continues to make great work.

In 1992, McCaughan released the first Portastatic 7” single. This featured recordings of work that McCaughan had recorded in his home kitchen.
Portastatic's second release of 2006 and ninth full-length, "Be Still Please" (MRG283), is classic McCaughan rock and roll. Prior to this album, Portastatic released "Sour Shores Digital Ep", the first digital release to be offered direct from the Merge website as a precursor to the full length CD "Be Still Please".

Enjoy the following interview with Mac MaCaughan as he talks about his bands and Merge Records.

THANK YOU To: Mac McCaughan.

Portastatic Discography

Starter [7"] (18 Wheeler) 1993

Naked Pilseners [7"/cd5] (Matador) 1994

"Weighted Raft" on Ow, Quit It! comp. [dbl-7"] (Volvolo) 1994

"Look, Honey, Peaches" on A Day in the Park comp. [cd] (The Now S

ound) 1994

4 song subscription-only ep [cd-ep] (HELLO) 1994

San Andreas Crouch b/w Candy Cigarettes & Race You Home [7"] (Esther) 1994

"Codes, Runes, Dunes" on Rows of Teeth comp. [cd] (Merge) 1994

I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle [cd/cs/lp] (Merge) 1994

Scrapbook X's [7"] (18 Wheeler) 1994

Guessing [7"] (18 Wheeler) 1995

"Useless Switch" on Speed Kills #7 comp. [10"] (Speed Kills) 1995

Scrapbook [cdep/dbl-7"] (Merge) 1995

Slow Note From a Sinking Ship [cd/lp] (Merge) 1995

"Not the Same" on Extra Walt! comp. [7"] (Walt) 1996

"Spying on the Spys" b/w "Do You Want to Buy a Bridge?" [7"] (Merge) 1996

"Too Close to the Screen" on split w/ Ida [7"] (Trash Heap) 1997

"Secret Session" on split w/ The Landing [7"] (Sarang Bang) 1997

"You Love To Fail" on split w/ The Ladybug Transistor & Land of the Loops [7"]
(After Hours) 1997

The Nature of Sap [cd/lp] (Merge) 1997

"Easily Aroused" on Oh, Merge comp. [cd] (Merge) 1999

De Mel, De Melão [cd-ep] (Merge) 2000

Looking For Leonard [cd] (Merge) 2001

Summer of the Shark [cd] (Merge) 2003

Autumn Was a Lark [cd] (Merge) 2003

Looking For A Power Supply [cdep] (Houston Party) 2005

Bright Ideas [cd] (Merge) 2005

Who Loves the Sun [cd] (Merge) 2006

Be Still Please [cd] (Merge) 2006

Official Portastatic Blog

Official Merge Records Website


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