Ehecatl Tour – 2020 and Alex Schein

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Ehecatl Tour :

The mission is simple. The vision is universal. The travel will be medicine.

With the gift and talents Creator

has given us, we will embark on a journey throughout Turtle Island to highli

ght and help the creation of peace that’s already formulating amongst our young brothers and sisters. Through music, poetry, singing, and dialog we will help raise the consciousness and offer inspiration to the movers of those communities.

The short term objective is to know that everyone of us is taking responsibility for the healing of ourselves, our families, and our communities; through determination, respect, love for life, dialog, creativity and remembering to live as one, once again.

The long term objective is a generation of intelligent coherent spiritual human beings–always remembering their responsibility to our Mother Earth and the respect for all other living beings.

With this vision we will continue to live and evolve to where we came from.



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