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The power of e-mail is powerful for the modern musician. For a DIY band, or even a pro booking agent, the process of setting up a tour can be much based in blind trust of a faceless individuals sitting in front of a computers in places far away. The meeting of the band with the venue could be compared to a blind date. When my Inbox delivered me a cryptic email from Chris Cooper, whom I had never met or seen, I had a hunch that the show he was proposing was worthwhile. He offered

no website, no Myspace, no links, no blog, no photos, no mp3's or such. All he was requesting was a DIY show in the Charlottesville area. He did mention that Buddies were: himself, from the Load Records band, Fat Worm of Error, and Bill Nace of Vampire Belt, who have associations with Ecstatic Peace as well as Load. Buddies were invited to Monkeyclaus for an intimate show, and the documenting of that show.

Bill and Chris arrived late under a dark, moonless, yet starry sky. They arrived via windy mountain roads, the type which are not involved in the navigation of most rock tours. As they arrived, Monkeyclaus founder, Peter Agelasto actually saw a shooting star whiz past the Buddies heads and burn out in the darkness. We met them in that darkness, a handful of strangers who believe in music and exploring the unknown. Over dinner we realized we had a number of friends an

d acquaintances in common. After dinner we unloaded their gear into the studio and they arranged themselves for a throwdown, the likes of which I had never seen before. Buddies is an experimental guitar improv duo who have incredible chemistry with each other. They hold dominion over un-tame-able sounds. Their approach involves instrument abuse, beat up guitars, lots of small metal files, small gnarly amplifiers, tons of effects pedals, tuning forks, bike locks, spinning widgets, hands, feet and a forehead. They gouge files between strings, scratch pick ups, file pick ups, and bow strings behind the bridge with abrasive metal objects. They whack tuning forks on their foreheads to resonate sounds on strings. They tune and de-tune. There is no tuning. Free jazz is too uptight for these cats.

Ice fields cracking apart. Nuclear energy melting soda pop bottles. Wasabi. Cyborg whales meet birds from heaven. Factories of the future. The Big Bang. Pangea divides and the crystal underground cave fortress is forged. The language of robots. Aliens make love. Buddies make beautiful music, infused with imagery, that some might dismiss as noise. We hope you enjoy! Our first meeting went well. We can't wait until these dudes come around again.

fat worm of error on myspace

buy fat worm of error from load

buy vampire belt + can't release on load

fat worm... and vampire belt video clips available in the Ecstatic Peace archive

watch another video we made from the buddies session on you tube



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