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The Blisstrain is and was a tour concept brought to life by Exile on Mainstream Records founder Andreas "Kanzler" Kohl. The Blisstrain Tour, took place from March 9 to March 16 2008, and featured five Exile on Mainstream bands. A Whisper In The Noise (USA), End of Level Boss (UK), Beehoover (GER), We Insist! (FR), and DŸSE (GER) all hit the road together, performing concerts in Germany, Belguim and the Netherlands. "The idea is to bring some EOM bands together and have a celebration which differs a bit from usual indoor festivals. It involves our currently most active bands, who will share a stage and play own sets as well as some collaborations

since all these bands know each other well enough now. Also there will be an exhibition involved by Daniel Secker who does most of our artworks."

Together, the Exile on Mainstream bands and staff, operate much like a huge family of oddballs and kindred spirits. The label is known for releasing "heavy music", much of which is steeped in traditions of Metal or Doom, but the diversity of the catalog is also a trademark of the label. Blisstrain is the perfect evidence of this multi-faceted approach. A Whisper In The Noise constructs beautiful melodies, relying as heavily on voice as orchestral sounds to evoke a somber and mysterious world. End of Level Boss is a shit-kicki

ng riff machine with heavy prog influence, particularly of the Voivod ilk. Beehoover is a duo of bass and drums and vocals, who explore Doom, Jazz, Krautrock, and other Avant Rock modalities within their stripped down configuration. We Insist! is a fascinating and unique French rock unit led by Etienne Gaillochet, as drummer and main vocalist. With a horn section, singing drummer, and odd time changes, We Insist! is completely one of a kind. DŸSE is a two headed monster, a guitar and drum and vocal duo who rage thru their sets with the intensity of Lightning Bolt, with their own East German vibe. The Blisstrain tour featured many onstage collaborations and cross pollinations of these fine bands.

The full Exile On Mainstream catalog will be available thru the Monkeyclaus digital download store. Currently Monkeyclaus has all but a few titles in the store. The rest are somewhere in a cargo plane over the Atlantic? Coming soon. And keep your eyes open for Blisstrain 2009.

text by Matthew Clark


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