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Master Kong: April 2, 1999 – September 22, 2010(4)

September 23, 2010

Confucius, aka Master Kong, was born dead. The vet who brought him into this world resuscitated him with her own breath. He was a cat like no other from that day on. He acted more like a dog than a cat. He learned to come to a whistle and was the smartest animal we have [...]

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Old Style Blues Recording

This was a fun and great sounding project. Trashe Blues wanted to make an old vintage style recording , with the exception of being able to mix after recording, so , we used a lot of our vintage mics and Pre-amps for the tracking to Pro-Tools. A cheap levitra no prescription ll tracked live together [...]

Talibam! From The Deep Archive

< order cialis /a>Talibam! Live at Echo Curio Jan. 24 2010 Talibam! is nearly impossible to pin down. Both men, drummer Kevin Shea and Mottel, spend cialis price the majority of any given year on the road in the US and Europe, whether it be with Talibam! or their various other projects. It is a [...]

New Release from OKAI – &quot;Okai's Odyssey&quot; is now available as a FREE download

DOWNLOAD HERE First I would like to Thank the Creator for lending me the creativity to make this happen. Also to my spirit who guides me through the trials and tribulations. This album is dedicated to all the fellow musicians, mc’s, singers, videographer’s, and business people who help me through this journey of mine without [...]

The Garage – Charlottesville's Most Intimate Venue

I recently stumbled upon The Garage while it was open and running with music and art blaring out into the night. I think it is the coolest little spot in Charlottesville yet. Tiny because the actual size is about the size of one of the JPJ Arena viagra online ‘s subwoofers . In the line [...]

Stencil – Time Lapse – Joe Iurato

Joe Iurato has just completed his first large scale outdoor stencil. While I was at first glance disrupted by the insertion of colors, I must admit that the result is equal to his smaller greyscales pieces. Poetry wins. This stencil was created from a picture by viagra pills Transgress. Timelapse by Music from Abel [...]

Beak – 'Iron Acton'

Check out this new seemingly controversial music from the band BEAK>. BEAK> were formed in January 2009 by three Bristol musicians, Billy Fuller, Matt Williams and Geoff Barrow (Geoff Barrow , who was/is a staple in the band Portishead, my favorite). buy cialis online This is much more indy buy levitra rock sounding but still [...]

Ehecatl Tour – 2020 and Alex Schein

Check out the sounds from the buy cheapest cialis online Ehecatl Tour : The mission is simple. The vision is universal. The travel will be medicine. With the gift and talents Creator buy levitra no prescription has given us, we will embark on a journey throughout Turtle Island to highli buy viagra ght and help [...]

New Old RCA Mixing Board Coming Along

11 Forex Trailing Stops Robot – Protect Your Pips buy viagra comprare cialis

Team Awesome ! – Monkeyclaus Interns 2009

To climb aboard the dreamers’ magical boat ride for two weeks was a learning experience in both music and life. Monkeyclaus is a family where one is expected to grow their own claws. To do so is a process of self-determined learning. cheap viagra Basic aquisto viagra cialis levitra skills are required in order to [...]

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